Welcome to Satyam Group of Institutions

From Director’s Desk

Satyam Group of Institutions is committed to building a diverse and inclusive academic culture that fosters creativity, risk – taking, continuous improvement, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. In order to equip our learners with the skills required to deal with the uncertainties of tomorrow, we not only inculcate in them the time-tested values and ethos within a happy and creatively charged environment, but also successfully integrate modern technology in their learning process.

We at Satyam induce the notion of lifelong learning through effective delivery of high quality content by qualified pedagogy. Our institute continues to render and nurture opportunities for innovative academic experiences where the boundaries are blurred between on and off campus, teachers and learners, and spaces for learning and practice. I welcome you to be a part of Satyam Group of Institutions and add value to your life. “Aspire, strive, succeed”

Rakesh Pilania
Satyam group of institutions