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Seats Matrix

S.no Branch Course Duration Seats
1 Civil Engineering Three Years. 60 Seats
2 Electrical Engineering Three Years. 60 Seats
3 Mechanical Engineering Three Years. 60 Seats
4 Electronics Engineering Three Years. 60 Seats
5 Computer Sc.& Engineering Three Years. 60 Seats


India has entered into a major infrastructural expansion requiring Civil Engineers to play an important role in national building - the second time around after India's Independence in 1947. So, the Department has set its goals for a new era with a technology product-oriented, professional focus, and embarked on undertaking changes towards meeting the needs for the nation. Updating curriculum of academic programs facilities of laboratories (including computer lab with new updated softwares), including younger students in projects are three important changes that are underway. This crucial effort of the Department of Civil Engineering is steered by its active faculty members.The Department of Civil Engineering with its multifaceted faculty continues to maintain and cultivate its strong links with the infrastructural industry and academic and research institutions both within and outside the country. So with the mission to offer world-class undergraduate and post-graduate education, research guidance, professional consultancy, outreach and manpower training as well as leadership in Civil Engineering. It has established liaison with industry to take various problems referred to by Govt., Semi-Govt.& Private Organizations. It also provides technical guidelines to the people of the country, particularly in the northern region and organizes seminars, workshops, and conferences for the benefits of students and entrepreneurs. The Dept. has Civil Engineering Society that organizes expert lectures, group discussions, competitions, sports and other activities for the all-round development of the Civil Engineering students.


Electrical Energy Consumption is an index of the standard of living of a country and its industrial and economic potential. Needless to say, that our country is very badly lagging behind in this area. The realization has now dawned that if India were to achieve a sustained annual economic growth of around 10%, it would have to improve its infrastructure including power generation by a factor of at least two. The government has all the intention of doing it and power generation is now under sharp focus. Simultaneously, the field of electronics is advancing in a big way and finds its application in almost every field, be it communications, power generation, automation, defense, consumer, electronics, automobile engineering, control engineering or aerospace applications. There is a huge deficit in the demand and supply of well-qualified Electrical Engineers in the country. With this view the Electrical Department was started. The department has following fully equipped laboratories of Electrical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering is actively associated in grooming the engineering graduates in Mechanical Engineering by nurturing them with inputs from various basic and specialized subjects involving production, industrial, thermal and design engineering. A wide selection of projects, seminars and training facilities besides technical visits to industrial enterprises generates enormous potential and confidence among the students enabling them to independently handle the life size problems in their engineering careers. The department is conducting a 4-year full time undergraduate DIPLOMA (POLYTECHNIC) in Mechanical Engineering with an annual intake of 120. The programme has been specially tailored to meet the growing global requirements and focuses on upcoming manufacturing systems with a rigorous emphasis on automation and quality control. Current subjects like Production Engineering/Operation Management, CAD/CAM, Ergonomics, Robotics, Mechatronics etc. are highlights of the curriculum, besides ongoing advancements and computational product design and development to accept the face global competition.


The field of electronics is advancing at a very rapid pace. Mobile telephony and Personal Communication System have grown exponentially over the last one and half decade. With the penetration of Laptop and wearable devices, the access to the Internet and World Wide Web for obtaining vides variety of new data services; are going to be the driving forces for further development of new types of network and new technologies. In the coming years, we will be dealing with intelligent networks, smart electronic devices and advanced access techniques. Therefore more and more emphasis on deeper understanding of fundamentals of electronics and communication, digital, processing, knowledge of state of art fabrication of RF Devices, computing, new protocols and access techniques are essential both for teacher and students. The department of Electronics has grown up tremendously over the last few years. The EL Deptt is running DIPLOMA(POLYTECHNIC)courses. New laboratories are being added up every year to improve our capacity and capabilities to carry out new projects and experiments.


The Department of Computer Science Engineering at in SATYAM has shaped itself to meet this challenge and prepare the future computer professionals by the way of bringing change in teaching methodology, students participation in seminars and project work. The institute is running a undergraduate DIPLOMA(POLYTECHNIC) courses . The programme provides intensive training to the students at advanced level to enable them to take up research and development activities. The course curriculum has been specially tailored to fulfill the growing global outlook and focus on upcoming technologies in the field of computer science to cater to the needs of the industry and R&D organizations. To achieve the above, the department has a computer center and hi-tech labs equipped with latest software and hardware technologies. With this background, the passing out candidates would be in much better position to carry out activities like software design, development testing and R&D. The Computer Science and Engineering Department has a well qualified and experienced faculty that ably guides, motivates and trains the students so that they can perform to their fullest and attain leadership position.